Little Machine

Little Machine coverOne year ago, thanks to the generosity of the PLAYA Arts Foundation, we were holed up in a painting studio that we’d equipped with a couple microphones and some speakers. It was a DIY affair, complete with bass in the broom closet, but out the window you could see the shallow waters of Summer Lake literally migrating across the desert valley floor amidst the dust of passing wind storms. A year later, our Little Machine is ready for the real world. Just press the play button to get the gears cranking:

Whippoorwill Point

Our new EP, Little Machine, will be live so, so soon (on elevensevenday to be precise)! To get ready for the festivities, we made a video for the first track. It’s filmed in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, where Poet and a One Man Band was born (thanks to the Harrison Festival of the Arts). Take a listen…